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Have you found your true textures?

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Have you found your true textures?

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After years of research and testing, Mizani laboratories defined global hair types based on specific-shape criteria and utilizing a scientific approach to measuring features of human-hair strands, including curve diameter, curl index, number of twists and number of waves. This research resulted in the identification of eight distinct hair types worldwide:

What's your hair type?

TYPE I – Straight to Minimal Wave

TYPEII – Open Wave (Loose S-Shaped curves)

TYPE III – Wavy (Distinct S-shaped curves with uniform wave pattern)

TYPEIV – Curly (Defined, mixed curl patterns: loops to spirals; ringlets to corkscrews)

TYPE V – Very Curly (Defined curl with S-shapes forming into coils)

TYPE VI – Coiled (Loose afro-medium coils close to the scalp)

TYPE VII – Very Coiled (Tight afro-distinct, springy coils closer to scalp)

TYPE VIII – Extremely tight afro-interlocking coils and zig-zag patterns

click here to see more detail about Mizani Natural Curl key

By identifying your curl type, you can then select the most appropriate hair products to maintain your desired style.

Welcome Mizani True Textures™

Mizani True Textures™ product range has been designed specifically to care for naturally curly hair, True Textures addresses the unique characteristics of each curl type with specific products to meet individual needs, such as moisture, frizz control, and curl definition.

True Textures™ Curl Balance is a moisturising sulfate-free shampoo for all curl types. This gentle, color-safe cream shampoo is formulated to cleanse while keeping natural curls fully moisturized, bouncy and healthy-looking. Lightweight, sulfate-free formula rinses clean while retaining and restoring moisture to detangle and soften curls.

BENEFITS: Use weekly Helps fortify natural curls, boosting their shine and vitality without stripping natural oils. Sulfate-free formulation helps preserve hair color’s vibrancy.

USAGE: Use weekly, luxurious, pearlized cream transforms into a rich lather that removes build-up, while retaining and restoring moisture.

This one is great for preserving hair colour’s vibrancy, and boosts shine and vitality without stripping natural oils.

True Textures™ Curl Replenish is an intense moisturising mask for all curl types. This ultra-rich, deep penetrating treatment quickly absorbs into strands to revitalize and infuse hair with intense moisture. Perfect for dry, brittle hair, this formula includes essential nutrients to enhance shine, and definition for improved manageability and curl elasticity. Use as an express conditioner or as a weekly intense conditioning treatment.

BENEFITS: Ultra rich, deep treatment envelops each strand penetrates and absorbs quickly to revitalize dry, moisture-depleted, lackluster curls.

USAGE: Used weekly as an intense treatment or more frequently as a quick after-shampoo conditioner, it provides lasting softness without weighing hair down. Infuses curls with intense moisture at every layer for enhanced elasticity and renewed bounce. Gently detangles for touchable softness and a silky feel.

True Textures™ Perfect Curl – Defining Cream Gel is a defining cream gel for looser curls and waves.

Designed for loose curls and waves, this lightweight crème-gel re-energizes natural spirals without build-up. Frizz-taming formula boosts natural “lift” to give lasting curl support, memory and control with a satiny finish. Combining the moisture of a styling cream and control of a gel, this pro-duct enhances manageability and separation to refresh curls.

BENEFITS: Lightweight cream-gel re-energizes natural curls and waves, enhancing shape and separation, definition, and shine, without weight or build-up.

Use it to add manageability, elasticity and shine any time, and make limp, droopy curls a thing of the past. Boosts natural “lift” for extra curl support, memory and control. Specialized, humidity defying ingredients deliver frizz-free definition with a satiny finish.

True Textures™ Moisture Stretch, curl extending cream for coiled to tight afro styles. Designed for coiled to extremely tight styles, this moisturizing, curl-smoothing cream helps to loosen and elongate tight, unruly coils without weight or residue. Defines highly textured strands by reducing frizz and shrinkage and revealing flexible, individualized spirals with a clean, touchable finish. Perfect for curl set and finger twist techniques.

BENEFITS: Moisture-rich smoothing cream helps loosen and elongate tight, unruly coils for highly defined Afros, twists and curly sets.

USAGE: Specialized conditioners define individual curls, reducing frizz and bulk while helping prevent dryness. Helps eliminate shrinkage and frizz halo. Fully defines highly textured strands to reveal separation and individualized curls.

Other products in the True Textures™ range:

True Textures™ Cleansing Cream is a conditioning curl wash for all curl types.

True Textures™ Curl Soft – moisturising leave-in crème for loose curls, waves and tight coils.

Curl Set, moisturising high hold jelly for coiled to tight afro styles.


Mizani True Textures™ hair product range is now available at Silk Trends.  Call 0208 529 8000 for more information.


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