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Taming the Director

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Taming the Director

Blog / 24th February 2013 / Off

As you all know here at Silk Trends we love a good success story, and boy have we got one for you guys!

However, this time we’re talking about our very own Creative Director, Ingrid Farrell.  Ingrid’s hair journey began back in November 2011 when our famous sought after Brazilian Keratin Treatment was performed on Ingrid’s hair for the first time.

Ingrid has always had a bit of trouble growing her hair and it has usually been quite thin, but with a bit of TLC and patience growth was achievable. Having tried many different ways to grow her hair in the past, the Silk Trends team decided (after careful consideration) that the only way forward was for Ingrid to have the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. After the treatment was performed back in 2011, Ingrid was able to experiment more with her hair, and decided to have fun with her locks, and bleached and coloured her hair to a gorgeous rich copper colour for the summer, something she had never been able to do before when her hair was either relaxed or just natural. With a little help from the Brazilian Keratin Treatment bleach and colour on afro hair became a safe reality not a dream.

After having had her summer of fun Ingrid decided that it was time to get serious about growing and thickening her hair, and practice what she preaches about taking as good care of her own hair as she does with all our clients. After much consideration she decided to go back to basics… Natural colour and healthy shiny LONG hair was her new goal.

Ingrid decided to put her hair in plaits her hair for several months, to give her hair a break from heat processing. Plaiting is not for everyone and depends on your lifestyle, and needs to be done with care as can sometimes damage and put pressure on your hair, especially around the hairline.  Ingrid would re-do sections of her plaits every couple of months to keep it tidy, and this was a good opportunity to give her hair regular moisturising treatments in between plaiting to help keep the hair hydrated (thirsty hair is a big no, no) and soft. This helped to promote hair growth too. And boy did Ingrid’s hair grow!  To an impressive length to say the least.  Jealousy was very abundant in salon that day.   

Before Ingrid's Brazilain

By the time it came to take out her plaits in February 2013 Ingrid’s hair had gone from chin length and being relatively thin, to thick and shoulder length.  The Silk Trends team then decided it was time for Ingrid to have a new dose of Brazilian Keratin Treatment, to help restore a healthy shine from previous colouring, lock in new colour, and give her smooth, frizz free and luxurious hair.

Ingrid after brazilian (back view)Ingrid's hair after Braziiian


Despite what many people some think Brazilian Keratin Treatment is NOT a miracle relaxer/straightener, but in fact a sophisticated de-frizzing/smoothing system. Keratin is a substance naturally found in our hair, skin & nails. With Afro hair the inner shaft of the hair is twisted and broken, this is what creates ‘kinky’ hair.  Brazilian Keratin Treatment puts the keratin back into the hair and helps imporve the structure of the hair which promotes, healthier, thicker, glossy and more manageable hair, which is something we all love. Having problems with relaxers? Don’t want bone straight hair all the time? Brazilian Keratin Treament may just be the answer.

Now a proud wearer of frizz free, managable and smooth natural hair, Ingrid has been spreading the word about her hair journey and who are we to stop her?

Want the same results? Well, better book a Brazilian Keratin Treatment appointment with the Silk Trends team :-). 

Call 0208 529 8000 to book your next appointment.


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