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Silk Trends Academy Terms and Conditions

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Silk Trends Academy Courses – Terms and Conditions


• A student is accepted for enrolment, on a Silk Trends training course on the condition he/she will attend the course, at the time, date and venue specified in the confirmation letter. The confirmation letter will be sent to the student upon receipt of a completed booking form, and along with at least a £200 deposit payment. This deposit payment is non-refundable. Full and final payment must be made (and cleared, where necessary) at least two weeks prior to the confirmed course date.

• Once we have received your completed booking, we will inform you of the next available course dates. If the chosen course is fully booked Silk Trends will endeavour to find the closest convenient date to suit all parties.

• Upon notification to the student by Silk Trends of confirmed course date and payment, no refund will be made to any student unable to attend a confirmed course date with out at least 14 days prior notice; at which point another possible date may be considered.

• Silk Trends reserves the right to re-arrange and re-confirm another course date to any enrolled student within 14 days of the confirmed course booking, if necessary.

• In the event of a student failing to attend the confirmed course date or complete the course for any reason, no refunds will be made to the student. A later course may be considered if the student’s circumstances were beyond their control and proof is provided. The student must send a written appeal to Silk Trends Academy.

• Fees are non-refundable if a course is interrupted or cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of Silk Trends, such as an ‘act of God’ e.g. flooding or power failure, etc. However, an alternative course will be scheduled at the earliest convenience.

• Courses commencing in the evening start at 6.30pm sharp and finish at 9.30pm and consist of one session per week unless specific arrangements have been made and agreed. Full day courses start at 10.30am and finish at 4.30pm.

• Courses will be conducted in English. Any student needing to arrange an interpreter will have to do so at his/her own expense.

• Students are requested to bring their own personal hairdressing tools. Alternatively, students may purchase a hairdressing kit, of which prior notification and payment should be made before the commencement of the course.  A hairdressing equipment list is available. All other materials and products will be supplied by Silk Trends.

• Silk Trends will not be responsible for arranging accommodation, travel or interpreters.

• Silk Trends cannot take responsibility for personal possessions.