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The ultimate Brazilian Hair Smoothing/De-Frizzing Treatment – Now Available

Do you find you hair is…

  • Dull, dry and damaged?
  • Curly, wavy or frizzy?
  • Overly voluminous or unmanageable?

Well one application of KeraStraight puts an end to all that.


Silk Trends is proud to be the latest salon to stock the revolutionary new Brazilian smoothing/straightening and repair treatment, KeraStraight.


KeraStraight is…Natural

KeraStraight does NOT use any strong chemicals to open & close the hair shaft in order to straighten the hair, it takes nothing from your hair. It works by fortifying the hair with the power of white clay, Brazilian Keratin & 22 karat gold. Keratin is a natural compound found in hair, skin and nails and this protein is what gives the hair its strength.


Intensive Afro KeraStraight Treatment


KeraStraight is…Healthy

KeraStraight penetrates the hair repairing internal & external damage & coats the hair preventing further damage. It adds strength, elasticity and moisture and protect against environmental effects such as UV rays, smog, and smoke. The results are SOFT, SHINY, HEALTHY & SMOOTH hair.

Keep the Curl (Blow Dried Straight) KeraStraight Treatment

 KeraStraight is…Universal

KeraStraight can be used for all clients & on hair types. It can be used on coloured, highly lightened, bleached, permed or very dry hair.

Short Blonde - Colour Protect KeraStraight TreatmentShort Blonde - Colour Protect KeraStraight Treatment (Editorial)


KeraStraight is…Gentle

KeraStraight is long lasting – Its semi-permanent smoothing/de-frizzing treatment, lasting up to 4 months, gradually fading from the hair. The Kerastraight treatment takes between 2 – 4 hours to complete (depending on hair length), but once completed can save you effort, and hours and hours of battling with the frizz, and reduces the need for excessive blowdrying and ceramic straighteners!




Short Blonde & Guy KeraStraight (Editorial)Red Hair Colour Protect KeraStraight Treatment (Editorial)

Even after years of damage, KeraStraight brings new life to your hair.

We have invested time into finding the best treatment we can and we feel that you can be assured this is the best on the market!

Your Hair Transformation Begins

To begin the transformation of unruly, wavy or curly hair into sleek, beautifully soft & straightened:

  1. The hair is gently cleansed with a penetrating shampoo that opens the hair shaft.
  2. The hair is then completely dried before the KeraStraight Treatment is applied. The treatment doesn’t need development time, except for on virgin hair where letting it sink in for 20 minutes helps it to penetrate through the outer layers of the hair. 100% of the moisture is then dried from the hair, before the ironing process begins.
  3. Using a 230 degree ceramic straightening iron, each section is ironed over 10 times to seal the treatment into the hair. As this point the hair is very hot, so a special comb called an Easy Comb is used which helps iron the hair direct from the root.
  4. Once all the hair has been ironed it needs to be left loose, product free and not shampooed for 3 days.
    The finished result is beautifully conditioned, healthy & shiny, straight hair.

Keeping Your Hair Straight for Longer

To maximise the longevity of the treatment, KeraStraight have developed their ‘Straight Maintain’ shampoo & conditioner which are sodium chloride free. Sodium Chloride is in almost every other shampoo and would strip away the Keratin.

Silk Trends are delighted to be able to offer you this true evolution in straightening & repair.

KeraStraight Brazilian Hair Treatment service is available now at Silk Trends and prices start from £155 (short hair) – £195 (long hair).


Check out some photos of how the Luxury Brazilian Hair Treatments worked for some of our clients in our Gallery


Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment prices:


Short Hair (to ears) – from £155 (from £165 with Creative Director)


Medium Hair (to just above shoulders) – from £175  (from £185 with Creative Director)


Long Hair (to just below shoulders) – from £195  (from £205 with Creative Director)


Extra Long Hair/Extra Thick (to middle of back and beyond or very coarse) – from £245


Call 0208 529 8000 and book your appointment early to avoid disappointment. For more information go to page.